Train Amsterdam – Berlin

Are you looking for a comfortable and affordable way to travel to Berlin? Then why not take the train! With the direct connection of the train Amsterdam Berlin, you can be in the historic city of Berlin in about 6 hours!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, because on EU-Lines you can find everything you need to know about traveling by train from Amsterdam to Berlin, including train times, ticket prices, and departure and arrival train stations.

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Travel time| 06h45

Daily Departures | 15 to 21

Distance | 575 km

Trains from Amsterdam to Berlin

If you want to travel with the Amsterdam Berlin train, it’s good to know that there are several routes used. Since Amsterdam is located in the west of the Netherlands, the train has to travel through part of the Netherlands before crossing the border.


This means that you may have to first take the intercity train to Utrecht Central or Hilversum and then, possibly via Hengelo or Amersfoort, take the German DPN train. It may also be that you travel via Eindhoven Central to Venlo and then take the DPN towards Düsseldorf.

    Average journey 06:45
    Best Price € 32,90
    Distance 595 km
    Stops Direct

    Train schedule

    The Amsterdam Berlin train runs about 20 times daily, of which a small portion is a direct connection or with one transfer. This is the most relaxed way to travel, so you don’t have to switch trains 4 times. Therefore, we only discuss these connections in the train times.

    • The first departure time to Berlin is at 07:00 for 7 days a week.
    • The last departure time is at 20:28 for 7 days a week.

    How long is the train journey to Berlin?

    The average travel time for the Amsterdam – Berlin train is 6 hours and 45 minutes, but most train journeys will take you to Berlin in just 6 hours and 30 minutes. With a direct connection or 1 transfer, you can travel directly from Amsterdam to Germany.

    The IC Berlin train runs from Amsterdam to Berlin. Sometimes it’s a direct connection, but it’s also possible to transfer in Hanover to the ICE train to Berlin. Interestingly, both journeys often take the same amount of time, and sometimes the connection with a transfer is even faster.

    The shortest travel time is only 6 hours and 15 minutes, with the IC Berlin and a transfer in Hanover to the ICE train to Berlin.

    The longest travel time is usually in combination with the Amsterdam-Berlin night train because it usually travels via southwestern Germany to Berlin. You would transfer in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Duisburg. This journey takes up to 12 hours and 35 minutes.

    What is the cost of a ticket for the train between Amsterdam and Berlin?

    The prices for the Amsterdam to Berlin train are very affordable if you buy tickets in advance. A few weeks ahead is enough to ensure a price of around €37.90 for a one-way trip in second class.

    • The most affordable price is €37.90 (second class).
    • The most expensive price is €264.10 (first class).

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      Which train companies offer the Amsterdam-Berlin train?

      When starting your journey in the capital of the Netherlands, you have several options. With the IC Berlin, you can travel from Amsterdam to Berlin without transferring. The same travel time is available if you travel with the IC Berlin to Hanover and then take the ICE train to Berlin.

      There are almost endless possibilities, but they often involve an intercity train within the Netherlands, followed by the DPN train to Germany. Then you would continue your journey with the ICE Amsterdam-Berlin train. It is also possible to take part of the journey with the Nightjet train, but these trips are offered infrequently.

      The IC Berlin train runs 5 times a day from Amsterdam to Berlin via various cities in the Netherlands and Germany.

      The ICE train, also known as Intercity Express, runs at high speed between larger cities in Germany and surrounding countries. This train is recognizable by its white exterior with a red stripe.

      DPN, this German train is similar to the sprinter of the NS. Often, this train takes you from Venlo, Hengelo, or Arnhem across the border to, for example, Duisburg.

      Nightjet, besides making multiple transfers, you can also take the night train Amsterdam – Berlin to travel to Berlin. However, you often still need to transfer to an ICE train.

      The departure train station to Berlin

      Naturally, if you want to travel from Amsterdam to Berlin by train, your train journey will depart from Amsterdam Central Station. However, if you want to take the bus from Amsterdam to Berlin, your journey often starts at a bus stop somewhere else in the city.

      Amsterdam Central

      Most of the international train journeys depart from the central station of Amsterdam. Located near the city center, at Stationsplein 15, 1012 AB in Amsterdam, is the beautiful historic building. The station is easily accessible via:

      • Trains Intercity and Sprinter
      • Tram lines 2, 4, 12, 14, 17, 24, and 26
      • Metro lines 52 and 54
      • Bus lines 18, 21, 40, 41, 305, and 347

      The arrival train station in Berlin

      After traveling by train from Amsterdam to Berlin, you always arrive at the central station of Berlin, also known as Berlin Hauptbahnhof. The city itself has many other train stations, as well as S-bahn stations, but all international train journeys arrive at Berlin Hbf.

      Berlin Hauptbahnhof

      Germany’s main train station is located at Europaplatz 1, 10557 in Berlin. The impressive building with a glass roof was opened in 2006 and has 5 floors. After traveling with the Amsterdam – Berlin express train, you have plenty of options for further travel:


      • Train, national and international
      • S-bahn S3, S5, and S7
      • Tram lines M5, M8, and M10
      • Metro lines (U-bahn) U5 and U55
      • Bus lines 120, 123, 142, 147, and 245

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      Trains from Berlin to Amsterdam

      If you have been on a city trip to Berlin, it is very easy to travel back home to Amsterdam by train. It is good to know that you can save money by buying a return ticket for the train journey between Amsterdam and Berlin.

      Train schedule

      The Berlin Amsterdam train departs throughout the day and night, with the first ICE train departing at 00:22. It is good to know that these overnight trains have a much longer travel time than the trains that run during the day.

      The direct connections only run during the day, with 3 in the afternoon and the other 2 in the morning. The first direct train departs at 08:33 from Berlin, while the last one departs at 16:33, arriving in the Netherlands late in the evening.

      • The first departure time from Berlin to Amsterdam is at 00:22
      • The last departure time of the Berlin Amsterdam train is at 21:27

      How long does the train journey between Berlin and Amsterdam take?

      The shortest travel time is 6 hours and 14 minutes with the ICE to Hannover and then with the IC Berlin back to Amsterdam. The direct connection with the IC Berlin always takes 6 hours and 27 minutes. The longest travel time for the train journey between Berlin and Amsterdam is 12 hours and 44 minutes, where you have to change trains four times.

      What is the cost of a train ticket from Berlin to Amsterdam?

      There are different prices for the Berlin train to Amsterdam, depending on which class you travel in. The price is also determined by how far in advance you buy the tickets and on which day. If you want to buy a ticket for next month, it is much cheaper than if you want to travel next week or even tomorrow.

      • The lowest price for the train to Amsterdam is €34.90 (2nd class)
      • The highest price for the same journey is €201.90 (1st class)

      What are the train stations on the way from Berlin to Amsterdam?

      There are many different routes available when you take the train from Berlin to Amsterdam, which also means many different stops possible. Most routes only pass through one or two stations, mainly Duisburg and Hannover, but some trains also stop at:


      • Almere
      • Amersfoort
      • Arnhem
      • Bad Bentheim
      • Berlin-Spandau
      • Bielefeld
      • Duisburg
      • Düsseldorf
      • Eindhoven
      • Essen
      • Hamm
      • Hannover
      • Hengelo
      • Oberhausen
      • Osnabrück
      • Utrecht
      • Venlo
      • Viersen
      • Zwolle

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