Train Amsterdam – London

Do you want to travel comfortably and, above all, quickly to London? Then be sure to choose the Eurostar London, because from Amsterdam you can already reach the British metropolis in just over 4 hours. Since the end of 2020, there has been a direct train from Amsterdam to London every day, without the need for transfers, and multiple times a day.

On EU-Lines, you can find everything you need to know about the Amsterdam London train, such as prices, train companies, and travel times. You need to buy a ticket online in advance, and you must be able to show a valid passport at customs because you are traveling outside the European Union.


Travel time | 04:10

Departures per day | 4 to 7

Distance | 355 km

Trains from Amsterdam to London

The Eurostar Amsterdam London follows the same route daily, both to London and from London to Amsterdam. There is no need to transfer along the way, but the train does make stops at various train stations. The train departs from Amsterdam and stops briefly in Rotterdam, Brussels South, and Lille to allow other passengers to board.

    Average journey 04:10
    Best Price € 52.00
    Distance 355 km
    Stops Direct

    Train schedule

    There are four direct trains from Amsterdam to London every day. Depending on the day, you can board the train in the morning or only in the afternoon and evening.

    If you also consider trains with a single transfer in Brussels, there are about 7 trains per day from Amsterdam to London. On this page, you will mainly find information about the direct Eurostar Amsterdam London.

    • The first departure time is at 07:47, 5 days a week
    • The last departure time is at 18:38, 6 days a week


    How long does it take to travel to London by train?

    Looking at the average direct Eurostar Amsterdam London, the journey takes about 4 hours and 10 minutes. However, it is important to know that check-in opens 90 minutes before departure and closes 30 minutes before departure. So, you must be present in a timely manner for passport control.

    The shortest journey from Amsterdam to London is exactly 4 hours. However, if you opt for a train journey with transfers in Brussels, the journey will take at least 4 hours and 42 minutes. The longest travel time, with transfers, is 5 hours and 50 minutes.

    What is the price of a train journey between Amsterdam & London?

    The costs for the Amsterdam-London train vary considerably depending on whether you buy the tickets well in advance and in which class. The earlier you buy the tickets from the Netherlands before departure, the lower the prices.

    The cheapest class is the ‘Standard’, which offers a regular seat without too many frills. A step up in luxury is the ‘Standard Premier’, which offers more spacious seats and a light meal and drinks served at your seat. Both Standard classes allow you to bring 2 pieces of luggage and 1 piece of hand luggage. You can still change your train tickets up to 7 days before departure.

    The most luxurious train journey with Eurostar is the ‘Business Premier’, where you can bring an extra piece of luggage, enjoy a warm meal with champagne, and have smoother rebooking conditions. You also have access to the business lounge in Brussels and London, as well as the NS International Lounge in Amsterdam.

    The lowest price for a train journey to London is €52.00 (one-way, Standard) and the highest price is €454.00 (one-way, Business Premier).

    Which train companies offer the train journey to London?

    As previously mentioned, only Eurostar offers the complete journey from Amsterdam to London. However, you can also purchase a train ticket from Amsterdam to London via NS International, where you can see train journeys with a transfer in Brussels. In this case, you would first travel with the IC Brussels or Thalys from Amsterdam to Brussels and then transfer to the Eurostar to London.

    Eurostar is the train company that offers train journeys to London. The main departure stations are Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris.

    IC Brussels is the train to Brussels, where you transfer to the Eurostar in Brussels-South.

    Thalys offers train journeys with Paris as the final destination. In this case, you would travel with the Thalys from Amsterdam to Brussels-South and then transfer.

    The departure train station to London from Amsterdam

    For the train journey from Amsterdam to London, there is only one station to board from, which is Amsterdam Centraal. The same train also stops at Rotterdam Airport, but the Rotterdam-London train is discussed on another page.

    Amsterdam Centraal

    Most international trains in the Netherlands depart from Amsterdam Centraal. So if you’re taking the train from Amsterdam to London, your journey will start at Amsterdam’s largest train station. From here, you can also travel throughout the Netherlands.

    The central station can be found at Stationsplein 15, 1012 AB in Amsterdam. The Eurostar currently departs from track 15b, but will move to the Amsterpassage in the future. The station is easily accessible via:

    • Intercity and Sprinter trains.
    • Metro lines 52 and 54
    • Bus lines 18, 21, 40, 41, 305, and 347
    • Tram lines 2, 4, 12, 14, 17, 24, and 26

    The arrival train station in London

    When arriving in England, you always stop at the same train station in the center of the city. This is the starting and ending point for all international train journeys, including the Thalys from France and the Eurostar, which offers the train Amsterdam to London, for example.

    London St Pancras International 

    The St Pancras International train station in London is the starting and ending point for train companies such as Eurostar and Thalys. The King’s Cross train and metro station is also nearby, making it very easy to travel further in London after arrival.

    The London metro system is very extensive and a very good way to travel in the big city. The station can also be reached via:

    • Train, both within and outside of London
    • Metro lines Northern, Piccadilly, Victoria, Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan Line
    • Bus lines from Midland, Pancras, or Euston Road

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    Trains from London to Amsterdam

    When you have been on a city trip to London and want to return to the Netherlands, you simply take the Eurostar London Amsterdam again. Just like on the way there, it is mandatory to buy a ticket online in advance. If you buy a return ticket before your trip begins, you will often save money as well.

    Train times

    The Eurostar London to Amsterdam departs on weekdays as early as 06:16, with a return arrival time in Amsterdam around 11:11. Just like on the way there, there are also 4 direct trains from London to Amsterdam on the way back. These are spread throughout the day, with two direct trips in the early morning, one at the end of the morning, and the last trip at the beginning of the evening.

    • The first departure time of the London Amsterdam train is at 06:16, for 5 days per week.
    • The last departure time from London is at 18:04, for 6 days per week.

    How long does a train journey from London to Amsterdam take?

    The outbound journey takes about 4 hours and 10 minutes, but the London to Amsterdam train on the return trip takes only 3 hours and 55 minutes during the shortest trip. Direct trips without transfers take up to 4 hours and 8 minutes, making you faster than on the way there.

    If you choose to travel with a stopover in Brussels, the journey will take at least 4 hours and 40 minutes, and you will have to change trains. The Thalys or IC Brussels will then take you from Brussels Midi to Amsterdam Central.

    How much does a train journey between London and Amsterdam cost?

    Just like on the outbound journey, the prices for the return journey also vary greatly. The London Amsterdam train in Standard class remains the cheapest, with the lowest price around €57.00. The more luxurious the class, the higher the price. However, you will receive food and drinks during the train journey and have more spacious seating.


    • The lowest price for the London Amsterdam express train is €57.00 (Standard)
    • The highest price for traveling from London to Amsterdam is €440.40 (Business Premier)

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