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Short distances within Belgium and the Netherlands can be easily covered by taking the train. This also applies to the train from Brussels to Antwerp, where you can arrive at your destination in less than an hour. And that without traffic jams around Brussels!

Want to know exactly what to expect when taking the Brussels Antwerp train? On EU-Lines you can read everything you need to know before stepping onto that train. This includes the prices of a train ticket, travel times, and departure and arrival train stations.

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Travel Time| 0h47

Daily departures | 88 to 95

Distance | 42 km

Trains from Brussels to Antwerp

If you want to travel by train from Brussels to Antwerp, you only need to cover 42 kilometers. Brussels has many train stations, three of which are part of the route to Antwerp.


There is no need to change trains, as the train runs directly through. However, various stations in Brussels, Mechelen, and Antwerp are still stopped along the way. On this route, the more stations that are stopped at, the longer the total travel time becomes.

    Average journey 00:47
    Best Price € 08,40
    Distance 42 km
    Stops Direct

    Train times

    Because the train from Brussels Central to Antwerp is part of the regular timetable of Belgian trains, this train runs up to 90 times a day! As a traveler, you can take the first train to Antwerp from Brussels as early as 04:54 in the morning.

    • The earliest departure time to Antwerp is at 04:54, for 7 days a week.
    • The latest departure time from Brussels is at 23:25, for 7 days a week.

    How long does the train journey to Antwerp take?

    The travel time depends on your departure train station. If you choose the train from Brussels North to Antwerp, the travel time is about 33 minutes, while from Brussels Central, you are at least 8 minutes longer on the road. That’s because Brussels South-Midi station is farthest from Antwerp.

    From there, the train first stops at Brussels Central and then at Brussels North. The travel time from Brussels Central to Antwerp is on average 41 minutes. The northern part of Antwerp is located near the border with the Netherlands, making it easy to travel through Belgium from the Netherlands via Antwerp.

    What is the cost of a ticket for the train between Brussels and Antwerp?

    The price of a ticket for the train from Brussels to Antwerp depends on your age. Advance reservation is not necessary, the prices are fixed. During school holidays, especially winter and summer holidays, you can benefit from discounts.


    • A ticket at the standard rate will cost you €8.40.
    • A Go Pass 1 ticket reserved for passengers under 26 years old will cost you €7.10.
    • A senior ticket for passengers over 65 years old will cost you €7.80.
    • Children under 12 years old must pay €4.80 for a one-way ticket from Brussels to Antwerp.

    Which train companies offer the train journey from Brussels to Antwerp?

    As the route from Brussels to Antwerp is part of the regular train routes, it is only offered by NMBS. This is the Belgian National Railway Company that offers all national train journeys.

    Around Brussels, Thalys and IC Brussels also run, but they do not stop in Antwerp. These train companies mainly connect Brussels with the Netherlands, France, and Germany.


    The departing stations from Brussels to Antwerp

    There are several starting stations to take the Brussels to Antwerp train. This train passes through three stations in Brussels and two stations in Antwerp. As a traveler, this gives you ample choice, especially in combination with the many departure times throughout the day and night.

    Brussels Central

    Most travelers will choose to take the IC train Brussels-Antwerp from Brussels Central. The station is located at the Europakruispunt, 1000 in Brussels and it is an interesting building in terms of appearance. The station is easily accessible with public transport : 

    • Trains NMBS and IC Brussels
    • Metro lines 1 and 5
    • Bus lines 29, 65, and 66

    Brussels North

    The easily accessible Brussels North station can be reached by train, metro, tram, and bus. The IC Brussels, which has international destinations, also stops at this station. The metro station is a 100-meter walk from the train station, making it easy to travel within Brussels. The station is accessible via:

    • Trains NMBS and IC Brussels
    • Metro lines 2 and 6
    • Tram lines 3 and 4
    • Bus lines 57, 128, 212, 213, 214, 270, 271, and 358

    Brussels South-Midi

    The train Brussels South Antwerp also departs from the southern station. This is also the station where the Thalys passes on the route from Amsterdam to Paris. To get there, use: 

    • Trains NMBS and Thalys
    • Metro lines 2 and 6
    • Tram lines 3 and 4
    • Bus lines 46, 49, 116, 136, and 170

    The arrival train station in Antwerp

    Whether you are taking the Antwerp Brussels train or the other way around, the stations remain the same. In Antwerp, this train stops at two stations, namely Antwerp Central and Antwerp Berchem.

    Antwerp Central

    The main station in Antwerp is the central station. Located at Koningin Astridplein 27, 2018 in Antwerp, this historic building is the starting point for many train journeys annually. The Thalys also passes here on its way to Paris. The station is accessible with: 

    • Trains NMBS and Thalys
    • Tram lines 2, 5, and 10
    • Bus lines 17, 32, 87, 610, 640, and 720

    Antwerp Berchem

    The modern-looking building of Antwerp Berchem station is located at Edgar Ryckaertsplein 1, 2600 in Berchem. Berchem is considered a district of Antwerp with special architecture in partial Tudor style. To get there, you have several options:


    • Trains NMBS
    • Tram line 4
    • Bus lines 21, 32, 51, 52, and 90

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    Trains from Antwerp to Brussels

    If you want to go back to Brussels from Antwerp or if your starting point was different, you can also take the Antwerp Brussels train in the other direction. At NMBS, it doesn’t matter if you buy a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket directly. The prices are already incredibly low, so a round-trip ticket does not offer additional discounts.

    Train schedule

    The route from Antwerp to Brussels is not very long, so there is a train running on this route very frequently. The first train departs at 04:54, and you will arrive at Brussels Central station at 05:36. Just like from Brussels to Antwerp, there are also about 90 trains running daily in this direction.

    Thanks to the ample schedules, you can take the Antwerp to Brussels train early in the morning or late at night. If you take the very last train at 23:19, you will arrive at Brussels North at 00:06 or at Brussels Central at 00:10. This train also stops at Brussels Airport – Zaventem just before midnight.

    • The first departure time from Antwerp to Brussels is at 04:54.
    • The last train departs from Antwerp to Brussels at 23:19.

    How long does the train from Antwerp to Brussels take?

    The travel time of the train from Antwerp to Brussels South (Midi) is slightly longer than to the other stations in Brussels, because it is furthest away from Antwerp. The travel time to Brussels Midi (South) is 46 to 57 minutes, depending on the number of stops along the way.

    Prefer to go directly from Antwerp Central to Brussels Central? Then you will be on the train for 41 to 52 minutes, depending on the number of stops along the way. The shortest travel time has only 3 intermediate stops, at Antwerp Berchem, Mechelen, and Brussels North.

    That means that the shortest travel time from Antwerp to Brussels by train is only 35 minutes, from Antwerp Central to Brussels-North. The longest travel time is to Brussels-Midi Zuid with 57 minutes and 7 stops.

    How much does a train ticket from Antwerp to Brussels cost?

    A ticket for the train from Antwerp to Brussels Central costs €8.40 for a standard ticket. People under 26 can buy a ticket for the same route for only €7.10. The price does not depend on the date or how far in advance you buy a ticket. This is often the case with international train journeys.

    It is good to know that there is generally a surcharge of €6.40 for a ticket for the train from Antwerp to Brussels Airport. This is already included in the standard and Youth tickets, which means that the price from Antwerp to Brussels Airport is €13.30.

    What are the train stations on the way from Antwerp to Brussels?

    Because the distance is relatively short, there are not many stops along the way. However, trains do stop at 7 stations along the way, in addition to the starting and ending stations of course. For example, the train from Antwerp to Brussels Airport runs less frequently than the one to Brussels Central and stops directly at a large number of stations along the way:


    • Antwerp Central
    • Antwerp Berchem
    • Mortsel-Oude-God
    • Mechelen-Nekkerspoel
    • Mechelen
    • Vilvoorde
    • Brussels Airport Zaventem
    • Brussels North
    • Brussels Central
    • Brussels Midi-Zuid

    You do not feel like taking the train ? Be aware that you will also find buses between Brussels and Antwerp !  If you are on a budget, that’s probably the best way to save on travel costs. 


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