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It’s only a recent thing, but ‘Instagram museums’, as they are called, are very popular! Young people in particular are amazed by the bizarre and extravagant surroundings. There are several in the Netherlands, but perhaps the most popular is the Upside Down Museum.

In this article we are going to tell you a little more about what this museum is exactly, where you can find it and what the entrance fee is.

What is the Amsterdam Upside Down museum?

As mentioned, there are several of these Instagram museums in the Netherlands, but The Upside Down Amsterdam is the largest in all of Europe. That is definitely worth the trip! There are no fewer than 25 rooms, each with its own theme. Everything revolves around taking the most beautiful and special selfie for Instagram, which makes it very popular with young people.

The Upside Down museum was co-founded by influencer Anna Nooshin and she herself calls the museum “a colorful fantasy world”. In addition to pure esthetics, the exhibition also addresses social issues, such as online bullying and ‘the Right to Play’ in collaboration with Stichting Het Vergeten Kind.

Where is the Upside Down Amsterdam Museum?


As the name says, it is located in the capital of the Netherlands , namely Amsterdam. It’s exact address Europaboulevard 5, 1079 PC Amsterdam.

It is located in a central location in Amsterdam-South, opposite the event and conference center RAI Amsterdam, and is therefore very easy to reach with public transport or by car.

Public transport to the Upside Down Museum

Directly in front of the Upside Down House Amsterdam is a bus and tram stop as well as a metro station called Europaplein.

With the metro you can reach it with line 52 in the direction of Station Amsterdam Zuid or Noord. The metro line also passes Central Station if you travel from Europaplein towards Noord.

It takes about 7 minutes to travel by metro from Central Station to Europaplein station. Costs for this trip are only € 1.98 with an OV chip card.

Because this stop is best reached by metro, few bus lines pass this location. Only bus 62 towards Amstel station or Station Lelylaan and bus 852 towards Keukenhof stops at this bus stop.

Do you prefer the tram? Then you can take tram line 4 which runs between the Central Station and RAI Station. A tram ride from Central to Europaplein costs € 2.13.

It is also possible to travel cheaply by train to Station RAI. From there it is a 7 minute walk to the Amsterdam Upside Down. For example, you can easily travel from Rotterdam with the Intercity Direct to Amsterdam Central, after which you transfer to the Sprinter in the direction of Almere Oostvaarders and get off at Amsterdam RAI train station.

Parking at the Upside Down Museum

Would you rather go by car? That is not a problem either, because the A10 motorway, also known as Ring Road South, is located right next to Europaplein. Parking around the Upside Down Amsterdam is best done in the parking garage under the museum. You can park here for a 15% discount if you indicate to the staff that you are parked there.

Parking costs €2 per 30 minutes, with a maximum of €26 per day. With the mentioned 15% discount, it amounts to € 1.70 per 30 minutes and a maximum of € 22.10.

However, if you don’t mind parking a bit further, you will also find cheaper locations around the museum, after which you can walk or travel to the museum by public transport.

There are various P+R locations in Amsterdam where you only pay €8 for 24 hours of parking. Be aware that this offer is only on weekdays before 10:00 AM. If you park at the P+R after 10:00 AM or during the weekend, it will only cost you € 1 per 24 hours!

Unfortunately, this is only valid within the center area, and the Amsterdam Upside Down museum is just outside. A good alternative is also to opt for a combination of parking and biking, which will allow you to discover the city on the way. This is also referred to as a ‘Smart P+R’, where parking is often free if you rent a bicycle.

The rooms at The Upside Down Amsterdam

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You can already view some rooms via the website of The Upside Down Museum Amsterdam, but some of them will remain a surprise until you enter the museum. The following rooms are known:

  • The Royal Room
  • The Pool
  • The Dutch Design Room
  • The Licor43 Room
  • The Pink Private Jet Room
  • The Mondrian Room

These are just six of the more than 25 rooms and decors you will find at the Upside Down Museum. The idea behind all these rooms is ‘The New Dutch’, in which stories are told about contemporary Dutch culture, but in a slightly different way.

Where can you buy a ticket for Upside Down in Amsterdam?

It is mandatory to purchase The Upside Down Amsterdam tickets online before going to the museum. In addition to the official website, it is also possible to purchase an entrance ticket at other ticket websites. However, the cheapest is to just use the official website.

When buying your Upside Down Amsterdam tickets, you must also immediately provide a time slot. This is due to the crowds. The time you choose is the arrival time, but you may have to wait a while. There is no end time linked to it, and you can just stay until closing time if you want.

How much does a ticket for The Upside Down Museum cost?

A regular ticket via the website costs € 24.95. This includes the photos that are taken during your visit. These can be downloaded for free afterwards. Good to know is that the purchased tickets are only valid on the chosen day and within the time slot and not outside it.

If you buy your ticket online you can save up to €3 on the price. Did you buy a ticket online, but something came up? You can rebook at other dates free of charge. Unfortunately, the tickets are not refundable.

Can I get a discount?

If you are looking for a discount to the Upside Down Museum, you may be eligible.

For example, children aged 3 to 11 can visit the Instagram museum for only 17.95 €.

Do you have a CJP card? Then you can visit the Upside Down for 21.20 €.

I Amsterdam City Card

If you are away for a weekend in Amsterdam and want to visit various museums and sights, it may be wise to purchase the I Amsterdam City Card. This card can be purchased for a certain number of hours, depending on how long you are in Amsterdam.

For example, for a weekend you could purchase a City Card for 48 hours. This costs € 85 and gives you access to more than 70 Amsterdam museums and top attractions.

You can also use public transport, such as metro, tram and bus. On top of that, you can also take a unique 1-hour canal cruise, so you can discover Amsterdam from the water. With this City Card you also get a discount Upside Down Amsterdam, so you can buy a ticket for only € 18.71.