Bus Amsterdam – Paris

Are you planning a visit in Amsterdam and looking for a cheap transport option? You’re in luck, there are many different buses leaving Paris for Amsterdam every day, and tickets are a real bargain provided that you book your trip in advance.

Timetables, prices, bus companies and stations, find here all the important information on the Paris-Amsterdam bus liaison.


Average Travel Time | 08:00

Departures per day | 9 – 15

Distance | 511 km


Whether you are planning a bus trip to Amsterdam during the week or the weekend, you’ll find plenty of buses leaving Paris every day.

On average, there are between 9 and 15 buses making the Paris-Amsterdam trip every day. Naturally, Fridays and week-end are the most busy days all year round, but departures are also increased during high frequency periods, such as holidays.

    • The first departure is at 00:15 7 days a week
    • The last departure is at 23:55 7 days a week
Average journey 08:00
Best Price € 12,99
Distance 511 km
Stops Direct

How long does it take to travel from Paris to Amsterdam by bus?

On average, the bus takes about 8 hours to make the distance between Paris and Amsterdam, however the times can vary wildly.

The shortest trip is 06:50 hours, and the longest routes will set you back up to 12:25 hours. Typically, night buses in France tend to take longer to make the journey.

What is the price of the bus between Paris & Amsterdam?

Before anything, it is important for you to know that the cost of a Paris – Amsterdam bus trip varies depending on how early you make your booking. As a general rule, the more you wait before you book your trip and the more you will need to pay.

Note as well that the day of the week, as well as the time of the day will have an influence on the price as well. The highest the demand, and the more the price tends to increase.

On average, the price of the bus from Paris to Amsterdam is 27.75 €. It does however varies:

  • The lowest price available is 12.99 € (one way)
  • The highest price is 65.00 € (one way)

Which bus companies operate the Paris-Amsterdam route?

There are two main bus companies making the liaison between Paris and Amsterdam :

Flixbus, which tends to be the cheapest option, and offers as many as 15 departures a day.

Blablacar Bus (formally OuiBus), which tends to be a bit more expensive on the lower end of the price spectrum and offers between 6 and 8 departures a day.

Both bus companies offer free Wifi and electric sockets aboard and you will therefore have no issues keeping busy during the trip, without fear of arriving on site with an empty battery.

What are the departure bus stations in Paris?

There are three main Parisian bus stations from which you will be able to catch a bus for Amsterdam; Paris Bercy Seine, Paris CDG and Paris Orly.

Paris – Bercy Seine 

The Paris – Bercy Seine bus station is without a doubt the main station when it comes to bus departures to Amsterdam, and buses typically arrive at Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

It is located at 210 Quai de Bercy, 75012 Paris and very well connected with the city with:

  • The RER C
  • The metro, lines 14 and 6
  • The bus, lines 24, 62, 64 and 72

Paris CDG

Another option for the Paris-Amsterdam bus route is to leave from Roissy, but be aware that, in this case, you will be arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

The Roissy CDG bus station can be found at rue d’Athènes 93290 Tremblay-en-France, right next to the RER station.

It is conveniently located between the Terminal 2  and the Terminal 3, and can easily be reached using the CDGVal or the RER.

Paris – Orly

Finally, a few bus departures to Amsterdam can be found from the Orly airport bus station to Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

It is located about 5 minutes’ walk from the Terminal 3 (previously South Terminal), right between the P4c airport parking and the building 351.

The arrival bus stations in Amsterdam

There are three main bus stations where buses coming from Paris arrive in Amsterdam; Sloterdijk Bijlmer and Schiphol. These are also the train stations from which you will be taking your Amsterdam – Paris bus on your back.

Amsterdam-Sloterdijk Station

The Solterdijk Station is the main arrival station for buses coming from Paris.

It is located at Orlyplein 105, 1043DT Amsterdam, only a 6 minutes ride away from Amsterdam Central Station, from which you will be able to join the centre of the city.

Bijlmer Station

Bijlmer is another possible arrival station in Amsterdam for buses coming from Paris. It is located at Orlyplein 105, 1043DT Amsterdam, and particularly well connected with the city centre with :

  • The metro, lines 50 and 54
  • Several bus lines

Schiphol Station

Finally, the Schiphol Station is the last possible arrival station in Amsterdam, if you chose to leave from Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

The station is located within the airport, outside the Schiphol Plaza. To get back to the city centre from Schiphol station, you will find several direct train and bus connexions.

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The buses from Amsterdam to Paris

Naturally, if you wish to catch a bus to Paris from Amsterdam, this is also a possibility. Find all the information you need to know below.


Depending on the day, the number of buses leaving Amsterdam towards Paris can vary, but on average, you’ll find up to 27 departures every day. Just like it is the case the other way around, these bus routes are operated by both FlixBus and Blablacar bus.

  • The first departure from Amsterdam is at 00:15, 7 days a week.
  • The last departure is at 23: 58, 7 days a week.

How long does the bus between Amsterdam and Paris takes?

The length of the bus trip from Amsterdam to Paris is a bit shorter on average than the other way around, standing on average at 07:46.

However, be careful to compare. Indeed, depending on the bus stop you get in or get out, as well as on the time of the day, the duration of the trip can vary substantially. The shortest bus trip from Amsterdam to Paris takes 06:23, while the longest trip can take up to 12 hours.

What is the price of the bus between Amsterdam and Paris?

The average price of a bus trip from Amsterdam to Paris is 38.99 €. However, this price can vary according to a number of factors, and notably the offer and demand as well as the moment when you book your trip.

  • The least expensive buses from Amsterdam to Paris cost about 18 €.
  • The most expensive buses between Amsterdam and Paris can go up to 130 €.

What are the departure stations from Amsterdam to Paris?

There are 5 main stations in Amsterdam from which you will be able to take a bus to Paris.

  • Amsterdam Sloterdijk : from the Piarcoplein (indicated with signs inside the station)
  • Schiphol Airport : on platform C at the Schiphol Plaza
  • Amsterdam Amstel
  • Amsterdam Bijlmer : At the Hondsrugweg bus stop, south of the station
  • Amsterdam Holendrecht

The bus stops in Paris from Amsterdam

Upon return in Paris, you will enjoy a very large selection of bus stops. Be aware however that every bus does not stop at each of these bus stops. If you wish to stop at a place in particular, be careful to check beforehand which bus and bus companies are also stopping there.

Among the several bus stops in Paris coming from Amsterdam, you will find:

  • Aéroport Paris-Charles De Gaulle
  • Gare routière de Roissy-pôle
  • Saint-Denis Université
  • Pont de Levallois
  • Clichy Batignolles
  • La Défense
  • Porte Maillot
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Gallieni
  • Bercy Seine
  • Pont de Sèvres
  • Créteil Université
  • Orly
  • Massy

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