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Do you want to go on a city trip but don’t want to travel too long? Then Antwerp is the perfect destination! If you choose to travel by bus, it will be a cheap city trip too, especially if you book your tickets on time. Antwerp is easily accessible from various boarding locations in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam.

In this article, you will find the most important information about the bus from Amsterdam to Antwerp, such as prices, bus times, and the different bus companies and boarding locations where these buses depart.

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Price| Stops | Antwerp – Amsterdam

Travel Time | 02h40

Daily Departures| 13 to 31

Distance | 170 km

Buses from Amsterdam to Antwerp

Several buses depart from Amsterdam to Antwerp daily, both during the day and at night, and this runs 7 days a week. There is always a bus time and date that suits your journey. The Amsterdam Antwerp bus travels different routes, sometimes stopping at one stop in the Netherlands and sometimes at several stops.

    Average journey 02:40
    Best Price € 06,99
    Distance 170 km
    Stops Direct


    About 13 to 31 buses depart daily, providing more than enough choice for you as a traveler. Especially in summer, there is a lot of availability because many people then go out. This way, you can plan a city trip to Antwerp and take the bus from Amsterdam to Antwerp. It is possible to travel both during the day and at night from the Netherlands.

    How long does the bus ride from Amsterdam to Antwerp take?

    On average, you can travel to this important city in Belgium in about 2 hours and 40 minutes by international bus. However, the times vary considerably per trip because the same route is not always used. There are several international bus pick-up points in the Netherlands, so the Amsterdam Antwerp bus often first drives along other major cities in the Netherlands.

    Looking at the shortest bus ride, the travel time here is only 2 hours and 5 minutes. This is not for nothing because this journey goes directly from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Antwerp, without an additional stop. These short and direct trips are scarce, so if you are interested, you should reserve a spot in time. The bus ride that is the second-shortest and does have a stop takes at least 2 hours and 35 minutes and stops, for example, in Utrecht or in Rotterdam CS.

    The longest trip takes 3 hours and 35 minutes and sometimes stops at four stops in the Netherlands. These are from the stop in Amsterdam at The Hague, Rotterdam CS, Rotterdam Zuidplein, and Breda Prinsenplein. Due to these 5-minute stops, the journey suddenly takes 20 minutes longer, and that is still excluding the time it takes to drive via another route.

    What are the costs for a bus ride between Amsterdam & Antwerp?

    If you are considering going from Amsterdam to Antwerp by bus, it is nice to know what the costs are. The low price can convince you to choose to travel with the international bus. There is little price difference between the cheapest and most expensive ticket, and the influence of the holiday period does not seem to be very significant. That is favorable for travelers because it is also advantageous to travel to Antwerp by bus during the summer holidays.

    On average, the cost of traveling from Amsterdam to Antwerp by bus is € 10.99. However, there is a lot of difference between the prices:

    • The lowest price is € 6.99 (one way)
    • The highest price is € 24.99


      Which bus companies offer the bus journey Amsterdam-Antwerp?

      Travel within your own country can be done with regional bus transport, but if you want to go abroad, you have different options. A cheap way to travel abroad is by bus. There are several companies that offer such a bus journey, but there are two major players in this market that keep the price very low. A ticket for an Amsterdam Antwerp Flixbus, for example, is often available for less than 10 euros.

      The main bus companies that offer travel to foreign countries, such as Antwerp, are:

      Flixbus, which offers various trips to foreign countries for a very low price on a daily basis.

      BlaBlaCar Bus, which also drives to Antwerp at a reasonable price, among other destinations. However, there are fewer buses per day.

      Fortunately, the bus journey to Antwerp is very short, so you will be in this Belgian city within a few hours. However, it is nice to have something to do on the way. No worries, because the bus has WiFi and electric points to charge your phone or other electronic device. You can, for example, watch a movie on a tablet while on the road, and when the movie is over, you are suddenly in Antwerp!

      The departure bus stops to Antwerp

      Your bus journey to Antwerp often starts in Amsterdam, but it can also start in other Dutch cities. On this page, we only cover the bus journey Amsterdam-Antwerp and back. In Amsterdam, there are several stops from where the bus departs, namely Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Amsterdam Bijlmer, and Schiphol Airport.

      Amsterdam Sloterdijk

      Address: Piarcoplein, 1043 DW Amsterdam in the Netherlands

      Located just northwest of the center of Amsterdam is the Amsterdam Sloterdijk stop. Most international bus journeys start at this stop, and it is likely that you will also return here from your trip.

      The international bus stop is located on the north side of Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. This makes it very accessible from different parts of the Netherlands. You can get there via:

      • Train, Intercity and Sprinter
      • Bus, lines 15, 22, 36, and 369
      • Tram, line 19
      • Metro, lines 50 and 51

      Amsterdam Bijlmer

      Address: Hoogoorddreef, 1101 BA Amsterdam in the Netherlands

      Another popular bus stop for international bus journeys is Amsterdam Bijlmer. The stop is located southeast of the center of Amsterdam and is easily accessible via both the highway and public transportation.

      The stop is a short walking distance from the train and metro station Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, making it easily accessible via:

      • Train, Intercity and Sprinter
      • Bus, lines 66, 41, 120 and 300
      • Metro, line 54

      Schiphol Airport

      Address: Schiphol Plaza, 1118 AX Amsterdam near platform C

      The last boarding point is the largest airport in the Netherlands, namely Schiphol Airport. The train station of the airport is located under the departure hall, making it a very accessible stop. Outside the airport is the boarding point for international bus journeys that depart daily from here.

      To get to this large airport you can use:

      • Train, Intercity and Sprinter
      • Bus, including line 397 and N97

      The arrival bus stops in Antwerp

      Just like Amsterdam, Antwerp also has various stops where your journey to Antwerp ends or where your journey begins.

      Antwerp Central

      Address: Koningin Astridplein (Platform 7), 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

      The main stop for Antwerp is of course at the Central Station of Antwerp. From this station you are directly in the city center, so it is the ideal arrival stop if you want to go on a city trip to Antwerp.

      Because the stop is located at a large train station almost in the city center, it is very easily accessible:

      • Train, including S1 and S32
      • Bus lines 17, 32, 87, 610, 640 and 720
      • Tram lines 2, 5 and 10

      Antwerp Berchem

      Address: Borsbeekbrug, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium

      Another stop that is regularly used is the one in Berchem, a region in Antwerp southeast of the center. From here, there is also a train to Antwerp Central, so you can quickly reach the center.

      The stop can be reached in various ways:

      • Train L and S32
      • Bus lines 20, 21, 32, 90 and 420
      • Tram lines 9 and 11

      Antwerpen Rubenslei

      Address: Quinten Matsijslei, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

      The stop used for international bus trips is mainly an important stop for Blablacar Bus. It is only a 650-meter walk from Antwerp Central station, making it easily accessible.

      So, the stop can be reached on foot from Antwerp Central, but also via:


      • Train including S1 and S32
      • Bus lines 13, 17, 32, 87, 640 and 720
      • Tram lines 1, 4 and 10

      Other popular bus destinations from Antwerp

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      Buses from Antwerp to Amsterdam

      If you have been on holiday in Antwerp, there comes a time when you have to travel back. The return journey actually works the same as the outward journey. This makes the Antwerp Amsterdam bus very easy and also cheap in price. 

      Bus schedule

      If you would like to take the Antwerp Amsterdam bus, there are various options. You can leave in the morning and be in Amsterdam within 3 hours, but you can also travel in the evening. Because the journey is relatively short, you can still spend a whole day in Antwerp and then drive home in the evening within a few hours.

      • The first departure time is at 03:20, 7 days a week
      • The last departure time is at 22:40, 7 days a week

      How long does a bus ride from Antwerp to Amsterdam take?

      Just like on the outward journey, the Flixbus Antwerp Amsterdam also drives different routes. This also determines the duration of the bus ride, so you can be on the road for an hour longer or shorter. The average travel time is about 2 hours and 40 minutes with an average of 1 to 2 short stops.

      Prefer to be in Amsterdam as soon as possible from Antwerp? Then you can already be at your destination in 2 hours. While the longest journey takes 3 hours and 25 minutes.

      What are the costs for a bus ride between Antwerp & Amsterdam?

      The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive ticket is not very large. Moreover, the differences between a ticket in high season and outside the high season are not very large either. The tickets for the Antwerp Amsterdam Flixbus are very affordable and therefore a good alternative to, for example, the car.

      • The cheapest journey from Antwerp to Amsterdam costs € 6.99
      • The most expensive journey between Antwerp and Amsterdam can be up to € 24.99.

      What are the bus stops on the way from Antwerp to Amsterdam?

      On the way from Antwerp to Amsterdam, and vice versa, you will come across various stops in the Netherlands. Sometimes there are no stops, and sometimes there are up to four stops per trip. We have listed the different stops you may encounter along the way. However, not every stop is always serviced, so make sure to check the exact route of your bus journey.

      • Breda Prinsenbeek
      • Tilburg Station
      • De Efteling
      • Rotterdam CS
      • Rotterdam Zuidplein
      • Utrecht
      • Delft
      • The Hague
      • Amsterdam Bijlmer
      • Schiphol Airport
      • Amsterdam Sloterdijk

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