Bus Berlin-Amsterdam

Planning a visit from Amsterdam to Berlin and looking for a cheap transportation option? You’re in luck, as you’ll find plenty of buses from Berlin to Amsterdam every day, at very affordable prices.

Schedules, prices, bus companies and stops, you can find all important information about the Berlin to Amsterdam bus connection here.

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Average Time | 10:50 

Departures per day | 31

Distance | 656 km


Whether you are planning a bus trip to Amsterdam during the week or on the weekend, you will find many buses to Amsterdam from Berlin, and vice versa.

On average, 31 buses run daily on the Berlin-Amsterdam route. Vacations and weekends are generally the busiest times of the year. However, on busy days such as public holidays, the number of departures will increase.

  • The first departure is at 00:15 7 days a week
  • The last departure is at 11:59 pm 7 days a week
    Average time 10:50
    Best Price  32,00 €
    Distance 656 km
    Stops Direct

    How much does a bus trip from Berlin to Amsterdam cost?

    First of all, it is important to know that the price of a bus trip from Berlin to Amsterdam depends on when you make your reservation. As a general rule, the longer you wait to book your trip, the more expensive the bus ticket will be.

    Please also note that the day of the week and the time of day also have an impact on the price. The higher the demand, the higher the price. This explains why buses in the middle of the day tend to be cheaper.

    The average price of a bus trip from Berlin to Amsterdam is 68 euros.

    The cheapest route costs about 32 euros for one trip. The most expensive bus ticket can cost up to 120 euros.

    Which bus companies operate the Berlin-Amsterdam route?

    There are two international bus companies that operate between Berlin and Amsterdam:

    Flixbus is the only company that offers buses from Berlin to Amsterdam several times a day. Flixbus is also the fastest and usually the cheapest option.

    RegioJet, also connects Berlin to Amsterdam, but this bus company usually only runs once a day.

    What are the departure bus stations in Berlin to Amsterdam?

    There are 5 main bus stations in Berlin from which you can take a bus to Amsterdam: Berlin Central Bus Station (ZOB), Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin U Atl-Tegel, Berlin Südkreuz and Berlin Zoological Garden (Zoo).

    Berlin Central Bus Station (ZOB)

    The ZOB is without a doubt the most important bus station for bus departures to Amsterdam. Most of the buses that leave from here arrive in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. Some buses also go to Amsterdam airport, Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

    The central bus station is located at Masurenallee 4-6, 14057 Berlin and is very well served by public transport:

    • U2 subway line
    • S-Bahn Ringbahn lines S41, 42 and S46
    • Bus lines M49, 139 and 218

    Bahnhof Südkreuz bus station

    From Bahnhof Südkreuz you can either take a bus to Sloterdijk station or to Schiphol airport.

    The long-distance bus station, Berlin Südkreuz, is located at General-Pape-Str. 1, 12101 Berlin. You can easily reach the station by long-distance and regional trains, as well as by S-Bahn and bus.

    Alexanderplatz stop

    Another station that offers buses from Berlin to Amsterdam is the long distance bus stop at Alexanderplatz. The buses mainly reach the Sloterdijk and Schiphol Airport stations in Amsterdam.

    The bus stop is located at Alexanderstrasse 3-5, 10178 Berlin. You can reach it particularly well by subway, bus and streetcar. Many of Berlin’s transport services stop here.

    Stop Zoologischer Garten (Zoo)

    Very few buses go to Amsterdam from the Zoologischer Garten bus stop. The buses that leave from this stop only go to the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station.

    The stop is located at Hardenbergplatz 9-11, 10623 Berlin. It is easily accessible by subway, S-Bahn or bus.

    Alt-Tegel subway stop

    The Alt-Tegel subway station also offers you the possibility to go to Amsterdam Sloterdijk or Amsterdam Schiphol Airport by bus.

    The bus stop is in Karolinenstraße, 13507 Berlin. Whether you want to reach the station by subway, S-Bahn or bus, there are connections for all transport options.

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    Bus stations for arriving in Amsterdam from Berlin

    There are two main bus stations in Amsterdam where buses from Berlin and Germany arrive: Sloterdijk and Schiphol Airport. You can also take the bus to Berlin from these stations.

    Amsterdam Slotderdijk station

    Sloterdijk station is one of the most important stations for buses from Berlin, and for international connections to and from Amsterdam in general.

    Amsterdam-Sloterdijk station is located at Orlyplein 105, 1043DT Amsterdam, only 6 minutes drive from Amsterdam Central Station. You can reach the city center from the main station.

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

    The Schiphol Airport bus station is also a popular stop for long-distance buses from and to Berlin. 

    The station is outside the airport, you will find it at Schipol Plaza. From the airport station you can reach the city center and many other popular destinations in the Netherlands.

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